Dad (Father)

Dad (Father)

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Μπαμπάς: Κάποιος που σε παίρνει αγκαλιά και νιώθεις την απεριόριστη του αγάπη. Λάμπει από υπερηφάνεια όταν κάνεις κάτι καλό και δεν χάνει ποτέ την εμπιστοσύνη του σε ΄σένα.

Translated from Greek to:
(The top italic part under the foil says) "noun"
1. The one who instills in the soul of his child, the feeling of security and love.
2. The one who hugs you and you instantly feel his unconditional love. He will beam with pride with your achievements and will never lose his trust in you.
3. (A Greek saying) Dad's chest is the ultimate pillow for his child.

A timeless keepsake gift suitable as a special Father's Day gift or any other occasion from you or the children for their Greek father.

Made in Australia by Greek designer Agni.